Welcome to Nak’azdli Whut’en.

Nak’azdli Whut’en is a holistic community that believes in maintaining and enhancing traditional values by learning, living and teaching our culture and heritage. Nak’azdli is vibrant and self-determined–a community made up of diverse individuals and businesses working together to promote education, health and economic progress.

We challenge the future.

Places To Visit

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Chief Kwah’s Burial Site021

Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady of Good Hope
Our Lady of Good Hope

Clara’s Craft Store


45 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello my name is Krystal Julian my mother is Josie Julian and my grandparents are birtha and john Julian I met a girl who’s mom was apart of the 60s scoop and all she knows is her grandmothers name was June Isaac from nakazldi who would I be able to talk to get more info on her grandma ?


      1. Maybe at the natural resource office there are several people that worked on geneology projects. We can ask around.


  2. Can we get a national multitribal all clans day holiday? A weekend of indigenous people for indigenous people?


    1. I’m not talking about pow wow. I’m talking g about an all Indigenous community holiday. We need more Indigenous people’s education. They have gone through about as much as our ancestors have. Pass ideas of ligitimate recoveries. I don’t like how our older generations lack that humanity privilege. They need to be relief.


    2. I think that, a networking indigenous peoples weekend, that is not associated with indirect assimilation of what the meaning of a pow wow would benefit our “primitive” community.
      Antiviral herbs. Antibiotic herbs. Antifungal herbs. Natural Intelligence. How are we to resolve anything if every effort to resolve problematic and troubling premised discriminations if their is no effort to reproach these issues? I have no patience for older generations b.s. as much as they have chosen to b.s. about the deculturizing issue….it is derived from nature and nature is still available!


  3. http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100032291/1100100032292

    I was wondering…..does ‘benefits for both parties, seem to natural?!? I was just wondering seeing because we have multiple tribes across Canada that can network a counter energy efficient sustainability able ‘green product. And nothing has been developed yet…and that our reservation people are Inadequate with self destructing degenerating dysfunctional treasonist turmoil. That at the least their should be some program for this ’emergency situation, utilizing the circumstances of the public resources in transition of our natural Intelligence dignity. What’s really wrong with this picture!!!???!! Why are these situation at the stand still of the chiefs and councils of all tribes? Why are we taught to degenerate our own dignity from the retrospective rebellions revolutions resistence expectations, and if we don’t we get the worse of it??? I do t have to relate to any of that! I have tried to help, but everything g I do to defend myself and my existence is discrimination.inated because of the aboriginal peoples criminal responsibilities. If it’s not obvious by now, I believe their is no reason for Aboriginal people. That the government is the best way to go for our own survival! No problem.


  4. Please stop acting like Columbus has just settled here. Our Indigenous peoples dignity is better then that!


  5. Great web site. Will be going on here regularly to check things out. Just read through the election code, glad it’s finally done!


  6. Hadih, I am looking for the operations manager for Nak’al Koh Logging. I am a Nak’azdli band member and an experienced heavy equipment operator looking for employment.
    Musi Cho


  7. My metanarrative;
    Problem: incompetence.
    Solution: education.
    Technique: public resources.
    Examplers: public library.
    Public education.
    Public community.
    The examples of these are less encouraged among the professional choices of self discipline.
    Natural legacies…. naturally developed by natural resources natural legands.
    Criminal organization, developed by foolish incompitence by foolish resources foolish experience.
    It’s not that we have no choice….it’s the majority votes and strategy.
    Stupid is as stupid does. I am not to blame! There are witless, mindless, careless deculturizing treasonists. Most older generations did not deal with it. My generation was capable of many great things. You had your way. Now our entire multitribal natural cultural intelligence is extinct. What you know, is not nationality, but stupidities for nothing. You say you care about the younger generations, but you prove the opposite. I know from experience. The world is full of natural resources, and common sense. I have to say, you talk about me to people as if you know everything that happens everywhere in life, but you don’t! Things that have happened, things that have been undone, things that are to happen, things that have not happened. You don’t know the consequenses of your rebellions, revolutions, resistence retrospective expectations. you did not prepare for our coming to great multiple successions. You do not take responsibility for your parasitic degenerate treasonist discriminations! I noticed, and I still notice this. You are not ready! You do not advocate for me!


  8. I was just wondering about the carbon emissions in the air, and did some research.
    Living by Vanderhoof, p.g. ect.
    Can I get away with growing my lawn, for a certain time, then cut it? I mean it’s good to keep up with appearances, but our air quality is very much important also. So…I have added this link to help my debate…


  9. Albertina Erickson’s answers to the many community questions:
    • I believe my contribution to community has been through my work in research and at the various tables. I have repeatedly stated that Nak’azdli will continue to strive for the management and stewardship of their territories and that our most important task is to care for the land/water/air.
    • Traditional Governance Society? I believe it has to be more than a society, we need to begin to include the Keyoh/keepers of the land in our Band governance until we can transition into a system much like we had before contact; a system that was inclusive of all members and responsible for all lands.
    • Healing; my belief is that as each person heals or comes into balance that you affect the entire community and our lands. Each time we bless the land and pick up our garbage, we are blessed too. Our Elders said “take care of the land and it will take care of you”. When we feed our bodies/spirits with good ‘food’ we become healthier in all aspects.
    • This last year I have gone to many community meetings and to some Bahlats. I have volunteered time to do energy work with members.
    • Education; I am short a few courses to get a Bachelor degree. I have a lot of experience in research of our Dakelh ways.
    • Political; I was a councillor previously. It consumes a lot more time than people realize, it is not a four days-a-month job. I try to stay abreast of what is happening in FN affairs and also on a national/international level in mainstream.
    • GREEN; I love green and truly green; we need to invest in solar energy. There is so much being developed to make the technology better and cheaper. Tell your kids to research and educate us because it is exciting and we need to not only learn but begin using it. It will save the Nations from further devastation.
    • Bullying? We need kindness campaigns not anti-bullying. Even our words/policy need to change. Instead of ‘no violence will be tolerated’ say ‘we will treat you with respect’ or ‘all who enter this space will be treated with respect’. We must also find better ways to address this matter because those who have the weakest voices are often the ones who have the greatest fear in reporting. If concerns were not addressed and it continues to affect the work environment, then there has to be another option. Perhaps it needs more work on the ‘what’s next’ portion.
    • Violence against women; I don’t believe in violence against anyone and especially against women. Statistics prove that the level of ‘reported’ violence against women is higher. There are so many different things that need to be done about this in our community; an open discussion must take place and we need to provide safe spaces for those enduring violence. Admitting that it is happening in our community and saying we are going to start talking about it is a start.
    • Drugs/dealers; my belief is that any addiction is just a reaction to how much pain a person is in. With generations of trauma and loss of control over our lives due to colonization, we have been in pain for a long, long time. I believe that our younger generations will move into health and balance quicker because our grand/parents have endured the trauma and pain; I pray that the younger ones will be able to let it go and move into health. Dealers; even if we banished them, another one will come to supply the needs. I don’t believe in shaming people who do things to overcome poverty or pain.
    • I don’t owe the band any debt.
    • Post LNG; we need to find a way to change the way the forests are sustainably managed because the current management does not support a healthy ecosystem for our animals, plants or water. We need to look into promoting what ‘prime’ forests we have for eco-tourism, we need to train people to continue in the stewardship of our lands and possibly partner up with companies who are leading in greener economics including medical marijuana and our own medicinal plants.
    • Mills shutting down? With the way, the forests are managed now, that is a real possibility; the forest industry is about making money and their bottom line does not include any socio-economic considerations for any community in the vicinity of their mills (generally speaking). Nak’azdli Whut’tenne have always thrived in their territory and I believe they always will.
    • Economic Development; I believe that we don’t always have to rely on entirely on resource extraction; we have a green house, let’s use it, expand it to grow food, medicinal plants, native plants for replanting, etc. Research the green alternatives; there other opportunities and we need to find out what is possible then step out and do it ourselves or with partnerships.
    • Nak’azdli leads the way in how we manage our health department, our finance department, and run one of the best FN schools in Canada. We have proven that we can work and thrive, we just have to decide it is possible and get working on it.


    1. Your right Tina. All those things are summed up, to be recovered as natural legacies successions responsibilities and failures recoveries. It’s not about assimilation, it’s not about violence, it’s not about misguidance, it’s not about discrimination, and it’s not about any kind of wealth. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, we all have the natural born rights and responsibilities, and it’s all summed up to be known as natural legacies successions responsibilities and failures recoveries. Some may not realize, all the while the cultural knowledge they live by, is exactly that portion of natural legacies successions responsibilities and failures recoveries. There’s no shame in realizing, as a tribe, we naturally do not hold grudges, like non Aboriginal people. It was a scapegoat learned disgrace. May the artemisia absinthium var. Annual be with you, too.


    1. I said danger, not stupid fools, illegal alien abominations aand this alien hell, destroying natural legacies successions responsibilities!
      That ain’t my fault!


  10. Hello. My name is Jody Holmes and I am from Prince George. I read an article about the “tiny houses” project and I would like to talk with Aileen Prince about it if possible. I have started a NPO named Connecting Communities and I am very passionate about sustainable development and improving communities for all people. I hope to hear back from someone.



    1. Hi Sam-

      We post the Nak’azdli Dustl’us online at: https://nakazdli.wordpress.com/news/
      For more current news, follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/NakazdliWhuten/

      The housing office is updating a lot of their forms and procedures. It is probably best to call or e-mail them directly for the most up-to-date information: Housing Administrator: Aileen Prince, chl@nakazdli.ca
      Housing Assistant: Sheila Caswell, housing@nakazdli.ca
      Phone: (250) 996-0011 Fax: (250) 996-0015

      Hope this helps!


  11. Hi my name is bonnie swanson. Was wondering if can send me newsletter and keep me posted on whats going on! My address is 461 quinn st. Prince george. Bc. V2m-3n4


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