Monday Thoughts

I am saddened by the lose of many of our members due to the illness of Alcohol. Our community is in the grips of the deadly illness of Drugs and Alcohol. I always sit and think on how it is we can create something for the many people whom are stricken with this illness. I came to the conclusion that it is not what Nak’azdli Whut’en leadership or the Organization can create, I truly believe we need to empower the men and women of all race to create what it is they need to heal themselves. As it is now Nak’azdli offers many services to our members to better themselves however it is not being utilized. I truly believe if we empower the people whom suffer from this illness to develop their own place of comfort and safety, that it will be used to its full potential. Our leadership and employees need to understand that the members of our community are the reason the organization exists. And we need to start to invest in them no matter their believes or the social status.

I have always said, if any 1 member fails, I have failed, we, Nak’azdli, have failed.

Many other communities watch Nak’azdli to see what it is we are doing and speak highly of Nak’azdli, which is great. However, we all know the fact of the matter is that we are faced with one of the deadliest illness’, and we are not addressing it. Let’s be honest here, if we do not start making changes to empower the people whom need the help, then we will continue to lay members to rest well before their time here is done.

To the people whom have this illness, please I beg of you to seek out the help you require. I can and will not tell you how to live your life, but I do want you to take a look around and think of your family and the great sadness that death brings to not only your family but to the community. So please take the time and sit down by yourself and think of how the way you are living your life now affects your family and the community. I believe in everyone of you, I believe you all have a talent that can assist Nak’azdli in one way or another. Never forget that I do believe in you, however I am not going to hand you all the opportunities. You need to believe in yourself, and help us to help you achieve what it is you want. You need to do the work also.

One thought on “Monday Thoughts”

  1. Very well written
    I have very close relatives that suffer from this disease and if I ask them to read this they probably would read only the first few sentences and would put it down
    A bit shorter with a little personal data would draw them in to the end
    I myself do not have any crutches but I live everyday watching my children and grandchildren struggle to stay clean


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