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Dakelh or Carrier are indigenous people from the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Most Carrier call themselves Dakelh, meaning   “People Who go Around by Boat“. For information about Dakelh culture, visit this page.

Nak’azdli Whut’en is a non-treaty First Nation located adjacent to Fort St. James, BC. It has eighteen reserves in total in and around Fort St. James. Most people live on Indian Reserve (IR) #1 which is separated from Fort St. James by Kwah Road. There are also a few families on IR #1A up the North Road at Four-Mile and William’s Prairie Meadow.

The current population of Nak’azdli is close to 2000 members though only about 700 live “on-reserve.” Most of those living “off-reserve” live in Fort St. James or Prince George. There is also a significant population in Vancouver but Band Members are scattered throughout BC and beyond.

Nak’azdli receives funding from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) based on its population.

The map here represents the traditional territory as it was identified while involved in treaty negotiations. All families in Nak’azdli were interviewed to determine their access to various keyoh for hunting, trapping, fishing, gathering, and general use. This map represents the area used by Nak’azdli Band members. Some of the areas are covered by traplines owned by Band members as well. There is overlap with neighbouring Bands because families intermarried and gained access to their spouse’s territories. It is this area that Nak’azdli asserts jurisdiction when dealing with proposed industrial activities on the land.

A Map of Our Traditional Territory


Additional Information
About Nak’azdli Whut’en

7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. does this include expanding our natural cultural inevitably intelligent ethics, as to correspond with the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, formal sciences & professions? this is something I am hoping for. if we get it together legitimately, legally, & of course naturally.


  2. We shouldn’t describe ourselves in the opening of this as a non-treaty first nation located on or off a reservation. We should be calling ourselves the Indigenous people Nak’al who are stewards of the land. We are a strong nation. We should no longer let our dealings with INAC define us.


  3. This note to Aileen Prince! You are a special lady and an example for the world! Bless you, re housing for those without! I salute you and your nation.


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