Community Plan

Nak’azdli Community Plan
“Made by Nak’azdli, For Nak’azdli”

Vision Statement

“To Become a Stronger, Self-Governing Dakelh (Carrier) Community Supporting our Culture and Heritage Through Education, Healthy Life Styles and Economic Progress.”

March 2020 Meetings

  • Sunday March 8th Community Financial Planning Session 12pm-4pm (Kwah Hall)

2 thoughts on “Community Plan”

  1. How safe & healthy is the resulting community planning activities? If this hasnt included the canafian government treaty with the canadian first nations people? Why have the U.N.D.R.I.P. been mentioned if the canadian governments & peace treaties with the first nations people not been honored? How idiotic & foolish are these first nations peoples corporate sabotouge idiots? Wtf is going on!


  2. I know that some times, the expectations of others derived from colonizations. Colonizations that have been very necessary, for the Nativity of the Canadian aboriginal people’s. Our independences, our natural Intelligence integrity, our up to date involvement with the Canadian Government, that is not incarceration by criminal defections. We make our choices not the sicknesses, not the Illnesses, and not the diseases, of others or the misguidences of others, not the mentally disabled peoples descendants that dont know any better…us…we could have established many legal, ligitimate and humane governmental organizations with standards, regulations, protocols and requirements, by now, but the aboriginal people wouldn’t rely on their responsible natural Intelligence Integrity….it’s not too late, it’s not over…it’s just a catastrophic mess.


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