History of Nak’azdli

Nak’azdli is a member of the Carrier Nation of the Dene. Our Society is based on the Clan System, right now we have four clans  Lhts’umusyoo (Beaver); Lusilyoo (Frog); Kwun Ba Whuten (Caribou); Lohjabou (Bear). We also have the Balhats (Potlatch) system in place.

After the arrival of  Simon Fraser and assistants John Stuart, and James McDougall in 1806, Nak’azdli became known as an essential location for the Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade post, historically known as Stuart Lake Post. The post is located on the shore off the Stuart River and South East end of the Stuart Lake, both named after John Stuart.

The post was named Fort St James, becoming the new name for the Nak’azdli area. The Hudson’s Bay Company merged with the North West Company and became in full control for the trades in 1821 and continued to be a main source for the trading companies, lasting until 1952, also becoming the oldest permanent European post.

The Nak’azdli Reserve can now be found in the town of Fort St James, BC, 152 km from the nearest city of Prince George.




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