The Beautiful Boy and the Old Couple

bow“I always loved this story my grandfather would tell when I was a child,” recounts Mary Lebrun. “I thought the beautiful boy was Jesus and the old couple was Mary and Joseph. Doesn’t it sound that way to you?”

Once there was an old couple who had a beautiful boy. One day the boys in the village were playing on the beach and a big woman came and captured all of the boys and put them in a large box which she carried on her back. The beautiful boy was the only one to escape and run back to his village.

One day the boy went down to the water and climbed a tree that hung over it. The big woman came back to the water and saw the boy’s reflection in the water. The woman said, “You are a such a beautiful boy. Come down from the tree and come to my house.” The boy came down from the tree and went with the woman.

When they got to the woman’s house, there were white sticks everywhere. The sticks were the bones from all of the boys. The beautiful boy gathered all of the bones and laid them in a pile. He called to the sun and the sun brought them back to life. The boys went back to the water and took a canoe back to their village.

After a while, the beautiful boy instructed all of the boys in the village to make hundreds of arrows.” The beautiful boy shot an arrow into the air, then another, then another. Soon there was a long chain of arrows reaching into the sky. The beautiful boy climbed the arrows and returned to the skies.

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