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Eighth Councilor to be Replaced Next Year

During the January 26, 2017 Chief & Council Meeting, a motion was passed that Nak’azdli Whut’en will not hold a bi-election for the vacant Councilor position.

Following Section 15.1C of the Election Code, Councilor Angel Ransom submitted her letter of resignation on January 4.  Council accepted her resignation at that time.

Citing the 2015 Election Code and Terms of Reference, Council decided not to fill the eighth position until the August 2018 election. Three current Councilor terms plus the spot left vacant by Angel’s resignation will be filled at that time.

Consolidated Financial Statements

Nak’azdli Whut’en Consolidated Statements Mar 31-17

Annex B Schedule of Remuneration of Chief & Councillors March 31-17

Nak’azdli Indian Band – Annex B Schedule of Remuneration of Chief and Councillors Mar 31-17

From the Dayi’s Desk:

NR Councillor’s Reports:


Contact Information

Alexander McKinnon (


Capital, Housing, Lands Committee:
Ramona Joseph (

Education Committee:
Nancy Elsa Berland (

Health Committee:
Fred Sam (

Management and Finance Committee:

Natural Resources Committee:
Harold Prince (

Social Development Committee:
Howard Sam (
Wayne Sam (


Council Secretary:
Rhoda Gregg (

Wellness Committee:
Violet Prince
Anne M. Sam

Finance and Audit Committee:
Angel Ransom
Nicholette Prince
Lynne Leon

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