Chief and Council

Consolidated Financial Statements

Nak’azdli Whut’en Consolidated Statements Mar 31-17

Annex B Schedule of Remuneration of Chief & Councillors March 31-17

Nak’azdli Indian Band – Annex B Schedule of Remuneration of Chief and Councillors Mar 31-17

Contact Information

Alexander McKinnon (


Capital & Housing Committee:
Fred Sam ( Jenny Martin (

Education Committee:
Aileen Prince (

Health Committee:
Ramona Joseph  (

Alexander McKinnon (

Finance Committee:
Alexander McKinnon ( /  Fred Sam (

Lands & Natural Resources Committee:
Howard Sam ( / Vincent McKinnon Jr. (

Social Development Committee:
Ramona Joseph ( / Mark Prince (


Council Secretary:
Rhoda Gregg (

Wellness Committee:
Violet Prince

Finance and Audit Committee:
Nicholette Prince
Lynne Leon

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