Dakelh Culture

Dakelh or Carrier are indigenous people from the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Most Carrier call themselves Dakelh, meaning   “People Who go Around by Boat“.

Nak’azdli Whut’en is a holistic community that believes in maintaining and enhancing traditional values by learning, living and teaching our culture and heritage.

Nak’azdli society is based on the Clan System. Currently there are four clans: Lhts’umusyoo (Beaver); Lusilyoo (Frog); Kwun Ba Whuten (Caribou); Lohjabou (Bear).

The links provided here will provide information about some aspects of the Dakelh Culture:

One thought on “Dakelh Culture”

  1. nicely done….how about basket weaving, rope weaving, blanket weaving, hat weaving, pow wow weaving, & the necessities weaving? think about it, responsibility!


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