Currently the Nak’azdli departments include:

  • Capital Housing and Lands– responsible for rental housing, land use, and leases on reserve as well as all capital projects
  • Band Council – the eight councillors elected to Council oversee the financial management of the Band Administration
  • Band Administration – the finance department and various support positions working at the Band Office
  • Education – responsible for all areas of education for Band Members plus the Nak’azdli Daycare Centre
  • Social Development – provide social assistance services and programs to Band Members
  • Economic Development – investigates economic opportunities for the Band
  • Operations and Maintenance – responsible for the general maintenance of the Reserve and Band-owned properties

There are also departments that are not funded with AANDC funds:

  • Recreation – activities and events for families and children; often these activities are open to everyone.
  • Nak’azdli Education and Training Services (NETS) – part of the National Aboriginal Training initiatives
  • Natural Resources – responsible for handling issues surrounding industrial activities in the traditional territory, environmental monitoring, land use research, and liaising with community
  • Nak’azdli Justice Centre – a program funded by Federal and Provincial sources to assist people in areas of the justice system and to provide programs to reduce criminal activity

Nak’azdli also has its own Health Centre that was recently accepted for accreditation by Accreditation Canada. Along with two health nurses and numerous health programs, the Health Centre also provides a nurse practitioner and visiting health professionals. There are close to 80 people who work in these various departments with seasonal fluctuations.

Nak’azdli runs an independent school called Nak’al Bun Elementary. It is located on the site of the former Catholic school and is beside the old church, Our Lady of Good Hope (built by people of Nak’azdli and Tl’azt’en in 1873). The Band also has a daycare and nursery school program.

There are a number of businesses owned or partially owned by Nak’azdli through the Nak’azdli Development Corporation (NDC). NDC owned companies include Sana’aih Market (pronounced Sa – na – eye, the name means sunset), Carrier Food and Fuel (“Petro”), Mount Pope Greenhouse, and Nahoonli Creek Gas Bar (FasGas). It is joint owner of Tl’oh Forest Products, Nus De Environmental Services, and Jaboon Holdings. These businesses employ approximately 110 people.

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