Post Secondary policies and Procedures 2019

Our goal is to help First Nation people of all ages achieve their personal career goals through improved access to employment and training initiatives.


Education Links

We support any educational initiatives that result in school improvements and that positively impact on the quality of education provided for students. Supporting the local education authorities, and networking with Aboriginal organizations, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Provincial Ministry of Education, School Boards, and Post Secondary and Secondary/ Elementary institutions is an important responsibility of the Nak’azdli Education Adviser.

Youth Gang Prevention

Here at Nak’azdli we are 100% against gang/ youth gang involvement and do our absolute best to prevent our youth from participating in criminal/gang activity.

For help/more information on gang or gang prevention you can
contact the  Youth Against Violence Line at

TDD 604-875-0885 or Text: 604-836-6381

Additional Information


Education Administrator
Lynne Leon, (

Education Assistant

Student Mentor
Leona Thomas, (

Child Care Centre Manager
Corinna Courtorielle, (

Employment & Training Services (N.E.T.S) Manager
Amelia Stark, (

Bladerunners Coordinator
Darnell Hunt, (

Weaving Our Way Coordinator

Program Assistant
Jocelyn Prince, (

2 thoughts on “Education”

  1. Hi there. I am looking to apply for school supply funding for my daughter Emily Burrell.. she is starting grade 10 here in Vancouver. I was not able to see a form to fill out. Please email to advise how I can do this.


    1. Hi Stefanie, my apologies for the late response as i don’t usually check the website. The application is under Documents 2015 Post-Secondary Policy and Procedures, please include letter of intent, letter of acceptance with your application


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