Nak'azdli Elders Centre

Elders Society

Nak’azdli Elders Society

The Nak’azdli Band chief and council recognize the enormous role played by our Elders, and have sought to expand their role in providing wisdom and direction to our elected leaders, our programs and our communities.

In our world of constant change, First Nations people look to their Elders for inspiration, guidance, wisdom, and spiritual leadership. Generations of Nak’azdli Band members have benefited from the teachings of Elders in their daily lives. Elders’ participation in cultural events, and our education system will enable our youth to rediscover a sense of pride in their language, culture and Heritage.

There is an Elder’s Tea on Fridays at the Health Centre feel free to come by.

Phone: 250-996-5024                        Fax: 250-996-8561

President/Coordinator of Adah Dene Healing Program
Margo Sagalon (

Violet Prince (


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