Elders Society

Upcoming Events:

  • Energy Healing  Thursdays, 10:00 am, Elders Society  Adah Dene Society will be doing holistic energy healing classes beginning Thursday, March 2 at the Elders Society. You will be learn about the energy system, the chakra system, the aura, how you hold your emotions, how trauma effects your system, why you are the way you are, how you hang on to the past and why.  These classes are open to everyone. Come and learn something new, no experience necessary. Lunch will be provided.

Nak’azdli Chief and Council recognize the enormous role played by our Elders, and have sought to expand their role in providing wisdom and direction to our elected leaders, our programs and our communities.

In our world of constant change, First Nations people look to their Elders for inspiration, guidance, wisdom, and spiritual leadership. Generations of Nak’azdli Band members have benefited from the teachings of Elders in their daily lives. Elders’ participation in cultural events, and our education system will enable our youth to rediscover a sense of pride in their language, culture and Heritage.

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