Capital, Housing and Lands

About Capital, Housing and Lands

The Nak’azdli Housing Department strives to maintain financially sustainable housing for it’s membership by utilizing the different options of housing available through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (A.A.N.D.C.), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (C.M.H.C.) and through the different housing options (Section 10, Section 95, Subsidy, Band Owned Rental and Social Housing).

Nak’azdli Band Housing Department works with C.M.H.C., Financial Institutions, District of Fort St. James, Insurance Companies, Contractors and Construction Business, Inspectors and Health Board as well as with other Band Staff, tenants and membership.

Nak’azdli Band is currently working with The Bank of Montreal to finance housing, And the Nak’azdli Band Housing Department will NOT BE GIVING Subsidy Loans to band members any more.

Housing Policy Forms

Forms need to be copied, printed, filled out by hand then mailed or handed in.

Rental Housing

Many people have applied for rental housing and have been added to the wait list.

The wait list is quite outdated so if you haven’t applied for a rental unit in the past 6 months, please come in and fill out a new application.

Your application must be filled out completely or it will not be added to the list or presented to the housing committee. If you need help getting your information together, please see Shelia Caswell. 

If you have applied for a mortgage through BMO and are wondering about the status of your application, please come in and see me. There are many steps to complete in order to get approved for a loan through BMO, so let me help you under-stand how this program works and what you need to do to complete your application.

Home Maintenance

Zero Tolerance Policy


Capital & Lands Manager: Carolynn

Lands Coordinator: VACANT,

Lands Communications Officer: VACANT, 

Housing Manager: Sheila Caswell,

Office Assistant: Alexandra Thomas,

Phone: (250) 996-0011   Fax: (250) 996-0015

Public Works Manager: Kenneth Martin,
Public Works Assistant: Billy Joseph,
(Contact through the CHL office)

Building Maintenance Staff: (contact through the CHL office)


Office Location

119 Lower Road
(beside the Nak’azdli Resource Office, across from the FSJ Historic Park)

Please feel free to stop in!

4 thoughts on “Capital, Housing and Lands”

  1. hi aileen
    could you please let me know about the process i have to do in order to find out how many lots my dad, sampson prince had and what do i do in order to sell them
    brenda prince


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