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Land Code Vote

The Ratification Officer and Nak’azdli Council have extended the Land Code Vote.

E-voting ( ) and mail-in voting remain active. An additional in-person voting day will be held on October 22 at the Health Centre.

There will be three prize draws: one for those who voted through Saturday, one for those who vote from now until October 22, and a final draw for everyone.

Still Have Questions About the Land Code?

There will be  a final Land Code Info Meeting on October 13, 4-7:00 pm at the Nak’azdli Band Office. Priscilla Sagalon will be on hand to answer your questions during this final info session.

Out of Town?

  • Sign up for Go to Meeting and attend the information session remotely. Contact Priscilla for details at (250) 996-0011 ext. 22 or .
  • Set up a home visit with Priscilla. She is happy to answer your questions.
  • Call the Land Code Info Line at (250) 996-3432.

Already Voted Online?

Early in the voting process, technical issues prevented some voters from completing their online ballots. If you had difficulties with online voting, please contact Lawrence with OneFeather at (250) 889-1582 or


The Land Code: Cut the Federal Government out of the Lands Equation.
Our goal is to take back control from Aboriginal Affairs and manage our own reserve lands based on rules set forth by our own community.

Over the past year, Nak’azdli Whut’en has developed a Land Code. Community meetings were held to gather input and the documents are now ready for ratification.

Your Vote Matters!

YES to a Land Code: Nak’azdli has authority over land use, management and occupation.

NO to a Land Code: the Federal Government continues to have ultimate authority over Nak’azdli land.

A Land Code is not a treaty or taxation.
A Land Code does give Nak’azdli independence in governance and our own operational funding.

A Nak’azli Reserve Land Code:

  • Puts Dakelh values and traditions first
  • Involves the Nak’azdli community—both on- and off-reserve in land use decisions
  • Ensures that reserve lands and natural resources benefit Nak’azdli members
  • Removes Federal Government interference in land use matters
  • Strengthens restrictions on Federal expropriation


All Nak’azdli members, who are eligible to vote,  will have the opportunity to chose whether to accept the Land Code or to stay under the management of Aboriginal Affairs.

Learn More

You can also contact Priscilla Sagalon at (250) 996-0011 ext. 22 or to

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