Nak’azdli Development Corperation

Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation
Woodland License No. N1T


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About NDC

The Nak’azdli Development Corporation was established in 1987, when the first company was established by the Nak’azdli Band.

Today, NDC has expanded to include:

Carrier Food & Fuel

Indian Tee Holdings

Jaboon Holdings

Nahounli Creek Gas Bar

Nak’al Koh Logging

Nus De

Sana’aih Market

Our partners include:

Ta Da Chun

Sustat Holdings

NDC Leadership

Reg Mueller:  CEO

Ellen Prince:  President, Chairman

Paul Bird :Director

Bert Erickson: Director

Gary Page: Director

Carl Leon: Director

Riley Willick: Director

Aileen Prince:  Council at large


2 thoughts on “Nak’azdli Development Corperation”

  1. is there any hope for international expansion? what are the main goals of this development corporation? how well are these goals maintained? & what kind of future planning is there for the younger generations, in any progress? are we networking well enough to sustain our responsibilities? does the old world “rebellion” have any part in the decision making of the workers?


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