Natural Resources

The Nak’azdli Natural Resource department’s primary purpose is to track all outside activity which occurs within our territory and ensure the affected parties are notified.

Our office is the first point of contact for Canada and the Province of British Columbia to fulfill their obligation and duty to gain “free, prior and informed consent” from Nak’azdli Whut’en as determined by the courts for any projects within our territory. Our office receives all referrals from government, forestry, mining, LNG and other interests (i.e. restoration projects) and facilitates the consultation process with keyoh members.

This is important work as cited by the Madell Pinder Lawyers’ Case  Summary of the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) Tsilhqot’in vs Canada:

“The S.C.C. warned that if governments do not meet their obligations to justify infringements to Aboriginal Title, and do not act consistent with their fiduciary duties, project approval may be unraveled, and legislation may fall. The message is that governments that don’t justify their actions act at their peril.”

Allocation Information Packages

 Wildlife Regulation Changes


Feel free to  drop by anytime.

Phone: (250) 996-0088

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1329, Fort St. James, BC, V0J – 1P0

Our Staff

Colleen Erickson,

Natural Resource Research Coordinator:
Tina Erickson,

Referral Coordinator:
Evan Prince,

Natural Resource Research & Referrals Clerk:  
Rosemarie Sam,

Archive Clerk Assistant:
Lindsay Sam,

2 thoughts on “Natural Resources”

  1. Not sure who to address this to; but I am looking for info on hunting regulations. I have my status card. I am the grandson of Emily Issac. From what I understand if I am not in our traditional territory then the standard bc regulations and limits apply. Now what about within traditional territory? And what special permissions and or hunting methods are allowed? Any info would be greatly appreciated as it seems everyone has a different opinion. Thanks


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