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A health and wellness programs and services to Nak’azdli community members Nak’azdli community wellness team encourage and support healthy, resilient families through a variety of programming our goal is to deliver culturally safe health and wellness services for all our community members

Our Programs & Services focuses into three Key areas:

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Aftercare

Health & Wellness Programs

 Journey 101:

This is the first step to wellness. if you are having difficulty in life, with what to do and start this program that reflects indigenous culture and traditional values which creates a sacred container of your life. We start with the comprehensive wellness assessment and conclude with an individualized plan that encompassed the whole individual. You will receive support for the full year, based on the Seven Dimension of Wellness. These services include involvement from various service providers, family and community involvement.

Maroosh’s Care Program:

This is 6 – 12 months intended for those who have completed a residential treatment program. great support system should not end after your treatment. this is the most crucial time in your life. to provide you with seamless passage back to your home, family, and life. the return to everyday life can often be difficult transition, we are here to support you.

Sober Living Activities:

is a once a month meeting for a day to do a healthy activities which connect with positive social interactions, self-awareness,communication,mental,physical, and spiritual activities. for community members that have completed residential treatment.

Wellness Management:

it’s an individualized plan and focuses on the client’s needs. in partnership with various service providers and family members. it is one year commitment and monthly meeting.

Art Therapy:

Every 2nd week Tuesdays 2 – 4 pm. art is the tool for communication, self-examination and healing

Community Groups

Family Bonding:

Every Friday at 5:00 pm. there is a variety of Family Bonding Activities fostering family and community connection around social interaction. it is a mutual, interactive process of development a close, interpersonal relationship between family members and friends spends time together.

Sacred Women’s Circle:

Every Thursday at 5:00 pm. for every like-minded women interested in exploring her edges of personal awareness. We’ll stretch the mind and body, connect to inner-wisdom, be creative, share ideas, hopes, dreams, passions, and fer, it makes personal connection through friendly relating.

Youth Peer Support Team:

A team of youth dedicated to support, inspire, and empower their peers in all aspects of life. Partnered with N.A.J.C.

Health and Wellness Community Workshops

Maria C. Riske will provide community wellness Workshops on issue related on Health and Wellness by community members request. once a month we will deliver the program according to the needs of our community. Registration forms available at the front desk of Nak’azdli Health Centre.

  • Anger Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Skills for Life
  • Fantastic Father
  • Projects for Men
  • Self Esteem
  • 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Stop the Chaos
  • A Place Called Self(Women)
  • Happiness & Joy
  • Personal Journey
  • Grief & Loss
  • Facilitation Skills
  • In Home Detox and More…

Co-Facilitated Workshops

  • Substance Abuse Management
  • Respectful Relationships (Both)
  • F.A.S.D. Advocate( with Gwen Bailey)
  • Family Violence Workshop

Community Health & Wellness Activities

The Wellness Journey is not an event but a process. it starts with a desire to have a healthier lifestyle and creativity creates an individualized wellness plan.

Nak’azdli Addiction Awareness Week:

a week-long addiction awareness annual event promoting wellness for the whole community

Welcome Home Dinner

Bi-Annual Dinner Celebrating community members first step to Wellness.

Mental Health Week

Annual mental health event involvement of various service providers.

Women’s Wellness Week

Annual Wellness Event or Women activity involve with sacred women circle

Relapse Prevention Program

An individual support for community members seeking to take control of their wellness.

Resource Referrals

Advocate and Liaison between community members service provides for healing journey.

Wellness Coordinator: Maria C. Riske, I.C.A.S. II

Cultural Coordinator – Ryan Quewuzance

The wellness department was founded to promote wellness in the Mind, the Body , and the Spirit.

Come, Be Active in a Healthy Life Style, All is Welcome! NO Judgment.

There are multiple programs that we offer the community we got:

  • Women’s Group 5 pm – 7 pm on Mondays
  • Drumming & Singing 6 pm – 7 pm on Tuesdays
  • Men of The North All day Wednesdays
  • Open to Women All day Thursdays
  • Family Fridays

Rent out space for meetings, there are 3 offices open to all of the Community

There’s Bath, Laundry, or Seek Self Care

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