Nak’azdli Youth

Nak’azdli Youth Centre

Friday Night Drop-In

Ages 9-12:     3:00 PM—6:00 PM

Ages 13+:      6:00 PM—10:30 PM

Please only show up for your age group’s time.

Drop by to use the computers, play board games, bake, etc. Or just hang-out!

Saturday Drop-In

11:00 am—4:00 pm

Open every other Saturday to all youth 9 years and up! If age groups becomes required, we will inform each group of their time slots.

Stay up-to-date on events and activities by following Nak’azdli Youth-Centre on Facebook.

Nak’azdli Youth Council

  • Taylor Thomas and Sarah-Jo Sam recently joined the Nak’azdli Youth Council, filling the two open seats.
  • Our next meeting is February 17 at 4:30 in the Band Office board room. During this meeting we will discuss and finalize details for our upcoming Youth Empowerment Program that will be held here in Nak’azdli in April. We will also discuss construction of the new Nak’azdli Youth Centre. Anyone is welcome to sit in on these meetings.
  • Desiree Whitely continues to be available in the high school library after school most Tuesdays and Thursdays for the homework program to help Nak’azdli students.




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