Land Manegment

Land Coordinator : Precilla

In progress of Developing a Land Code, which would give us the ability to take thr band out of the indian act. So we can govern our own land, the laws will be in relation to reserve land, resources, and the environment.

AANDC and t the land advisory board are puttig together the Land code. AANDC is funding and working together to hore workers to get the Phase 1 assesment – evironmental damege, then fix the damage.

Phase 1

Out to the reserve, find evironmental concerns, soil smaples, assesing the siduation the report back on the information gathered.

Phase 2

Infestigate in greater depth into he situation

Phase 3

Clean out the contaminated soil

establiish a land code developmet committee to work on the land code

Indian Act no longer applies to those ho ratify the land codes, create there own systems for making reserve land allot ments to first nation members.

FNL Regional

  1. Development
  2. Operations – using the land code

Recrute a committee together to make deisions on the land code with a 2 year time frame with estimated completion of July 2016

Quarterly Reports

Information of What Changes has been done

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