Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Proposed LNG Pipelines

  • Coastal Gas Link Transmission Project
  • Prince Rupert Gas
  • West Coast Gas
  • Pacific Northern Gas Looping

LNG Information


Additional LNG Information for Members

For more information or to request a full package with the agreements call Carla or Rosemarie at the Nak’azdli Natural Resources 250-996-0088 or email Carla at

3 thoughts on “Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)”

  1. the voting a good resource, but the nature of this debate is to find another environmentally safe energy source, with the resources provided by the Canadian government, honoring the treaty, & establishing our independence on a legitimate, legal, fair, responsible & recognized international relations recognition council. that’s what its there for!


  2. Georgina, i fully agree that alternative energy sources and economic development must be explored. this flash in the pan LNG proposed development will merely make multi-nationals rich, provide minimal employment for Nak’azdli Members and in the end completely destroy entire water sheds. ‘if’ LNG is allowed to bury their pipelines throughout the territories, it will not be long after that the ‘fracking’ drills will start moving in to extract the LNG to fill those pipelines.

    alternatively, energy sources currently exist in the form of Solar panels and Wind farms. the federal gov of canada offers huge grants for this type of development which will not harm the environment and also will provide long term employment opportunities for the Nak’azdli members! the time to embrace this new school of thought has arrived, we must preserve what is left of our territories and once again respect the vast habitat our fellow creatures of the forest solely depend upon for their existence.


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