Nak’albun Elementary School

Nak’al Bun Elementary School accepts student from Kindergarten through Grade 7.

The school follows the BC curriculum in all subject areas. The Language Arts is levelled so that students are working at their appropriate level, allowing them to accelerate at their own pace.

Students receive individualized help as necessary. Students are tested regularly using a variety of standardized tests to assess and monitor progress. The school features an up-to-date library, a computer lab with high speed internet, and computers in all classrooms.

The Carrier Language and Culture is an important aspect of the school.  Our students learn the language, as well as many specialized activities and historical components of the culture. This program instills not only knowledge, but also pride in the culture, leading to an increase in self esteem. Activities such as net setting, ice fishing, rabbit snaring, beading, cooking, drum making and traditional medicines are only a sample of the activities offered.

The school is set on the shores of Stuart Lake, and is equipped with Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes for the classes to enjoy. Students go skiing bi-annually at the local ski hill and skating bi weekly throughout the winter. All students participate in annual field trips.  And there are a variety of extra curricular activities available to students.

The school has a daily hot breakfast program that is provided free to all students as well as a free hot lunch 1 day per week and a paid hot lunch 1 day per week


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