Nak’azdli Story

The Little Dwarves and the Creation of Nak’azdli

A tale told by “Dayi Yaz” (Louis Billy Prince) describing battles with dwarves and the creation of Nak’azdli. This story is available in story book form through the Carrier Linguistic Society.

‘Uda yinka da’, Dunet’um-ne, ‘Utna-ne yaz ubuhutni, enne. Nak’al Dzulh bet whuhut’i. Lhelhdun keyoh whut’en-ne lhts’odutni’ink’ez lhehuzidla inle’. ‘Et huwa, ‘Utna-ne yaz ‘ink’ez Nak’azdli whut’en-ne te lhat lhuhugan inle’.

Long ago, there were little people called dwarves that lived in the Nak’azdli area. It used to be that people from different places didn’t get along and sometimes even hated each other.

‘Ilhoh, “Utnane yaz ‘ula’ts’i be Nak’alghun ts’e hutizba.

One time the Little Dwarves came down to the south end of Nak’al Bun in their bark canoes to war with the people of Nak’azdli.

“Ohda’, Nak’alghun whut’at, ‘et ts’o ‘ulh ti nanint’i.

In those days, the south end of the lake was blocked off by a great causeway.

Lhuhugan whutoh, lhai k’aza hutizso k’et, duts’I bet whuts’un, nyoo ‘ulh dube’hidunilhtso whe nda’ huntiz’il.

During the battle, the Little Dwarves shot so man arrows from their canoes that the arrows broke though the dam, causing it to float down stream.

‘Ulh dube’hidunilhtso whe nda’ huntiz’il ‘ink’ez noo suli’. ‘I ‘unt’oh ‘andit “Noo Yiz” ys’utni,ookw’uzts’e cha “Tl’otizdli” ts’uwhutni.

When they shot the dam open it floated off and formed an island which is now called “Noo Yiz”, of Long Island”. One side of the island is now called “Tl’otizdli”, of Grassy Outlet”, the grass were the arrows floated off.

‘Utnaneyaz k’a lhai tahalhtseh, ‘I k’a tizdli. “ ’Utnaneyaz k’a bulh tizdli”, ni whe ‘unti, ndi khuni.

After that, people called that place “ ‘Utnaneyaz k’a bulh tzdli” or Nak’azdli, which means “the place where the Little Dwarves’ arrows floated off”.

‘Et ‘awet za

The End.






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