Nak’azdli Veterans

As many had, Nak’azdli members fought voluntarily in the unforgettable Wars, impacting thousands of veterans and their loved ones as they honourably fought for the freedom our country currently has to this day.

veteransbookHonoring Our Native Veterans was published by the Carrier Linguistics Society (CLS) and chronicles the lives and service of a number of Nak’azdli’s veterans. The book is available at the CLS office.

Nak’azdli Whut’en  pays tribute to all members who served in World Wars I & II and in Desert Storm. If you know of a Nak’azdli Veteran who is missing from this list,
please contact us so we can add them:

  • George Todd
  • Ananie Prince
  • Alexis Song
  • Bernard Sagalon
  • Freddy Prince
  • Private Soloman Prince
  • Albert Prince
  • Gunner Thomas Prince
  • Mac William Prince
  • Private Ray Prince
  • Private David Benoit
  • Lawrence Billy
  • Emil Lawrence
  • Harvey Leon
  • Bernard Michel
  • Private Morrison Murdock
  • US Navy First Marine
  • Corp Albert Prince
  • Private Bob Prince
  • Gunner Frederick Prince
  • Herbert Prince
  • Private Mac (William) Prince
  • Private Raymond Prince
  • Gunner & Private Thomas Prince
  • Private Jack Rossetti
  • Gunner Jimmy Rossetti
  • Mac Steven
  • Alec David
  • Oliver Gregg
  • James T. Prince
  • Edward Prince
  • Harry Coldwell
  • John Tremblay
  • Scott Reed

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