About the Program

Bladerunners is a program that creates valuable employment opportunities for youth who face obstacles to employment.

Make Your Move Towards Your Goal(s)

  • Do you have barriers to employment?
  • Do you need skills and training for a job?
  • Do you need pre-employment training?
  • Do you need support, job coaching and mentor ship?

If you said “Yes” to any of the fallowing points above then
come and talk to us TODAY!                                                                      

Blade Runners was established in 1994 in Vancouver the program was created to provide youth with an opportunity to gain skills in construction trades it had average of 100 trainees per year and almost 90 percent of the participants successfully moved into full-time employment.

Blade Runners today provides the necessary skills to youth of the ages or 17 – 30 that have been out of school for a couple years and are currently unemployed. It creates valuable employment opportunities and an excellent program that focuses on individual successes and independence. It links participants with employers and provide employment training.

You will

  • Participate in pre-employment Training
  • Receive skill enhancement certificates to make you employable.
  • Receive career development support and guidance
  • Receive job coaching, tutoring and mentor-ship
  • Be given an opportunity to experience trades in training

You will also participate in cultural activities such as

  • Drum making
  • Carrier language
  • History and stories told by elders
  • Sometimes outside experience at a cultural camp site or Kewap Adventure (learning about horses and how to ride them, as well as some walks, or hiking)


Bladerunners Coordinator

Bladerunners Brochure

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