Dustl’us Submissions

Submit birthday or anniversary wishes, memorials, or community events online or fill out a paper form in the Band Office.

Photography Policy

Individuals participating in community events may be photographed as part of the Band’s promotion and documentation of these events. It is nearly impossible to ensure that specific individuals will not be photographed.

However, if you do not wish for your photo or photos of your children to appear on the Nak’azdli community website or social media, please let the Communications staff know by e-mailing or calling (250) 996-7171. We will do our best to honor your wishes and ensure that your image is not included in any online or printed material.

As always, if photos are requested by organizations or individuals outside of the community (such as the PG Citizen or a corporation), the individuals pictured in the photo will always be contacted for their permission prior to releasing the photo for use.

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